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Tips for driving a car with good posture

June 25, 2009

Get rid of your back and shoulder aches! Bad posture whilst driving can lead to back and shoulder aches, which can be quite problematic for those of us who travel long distances and those of us who already suffer from pains.

Some Tips:

Rearview mirror

  • Adjust your rearview mirror a bit higher than you have it now. This makes you sit up straighter because you often need to look at that mirror. Sitting up straighter = better posture = less pain!

Lumbar support

  • Adjust your lumbar support all the way up. If this doesn’t suffice, you don’t need to spend big money for a commercialised lumbar support. A rolled up towel will do. Place this against the chair behind your lower back. Both this and the chair’s own lumbar support (if your car is fancy enough to have one) helps alleviate the pressure put on your back.

Get closer to the steering wheel

  • Move your chair in a bit closer to the steering wheel. Now you don’t have to slouch to reach the pedals. Ta da!

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Do personal trainers work?

June 20, 2009

I’m now training with my boy as he has taken on the role of my personal trainer. Probably because he’s a lot stronger than me and can push me further.

I see potential for problems though – he might feel sorry for me for all the pain I’m in. Yeah right!

Push-ups, sit-ups, chair dips, planks are what we have tried so far. Any more suggestions?

So far, I can only do girly push-ups – you know the ones on your knees…yeah embarrassing eh? Well I have to start somewhere! The day I can do proper push-ups I’m gonna let you guys know and it’ll be a celebration for all!

Remember to keep warming up and cooling down people. Water is a friend for all!

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How to maintain a healthy weight

June 18, 2009

Eat only when you’re hungry – it stops you from overeating. It is a simple tip in how to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

I grew up like this. We didn’t snack at home. When I was in high school, one girl was saying she was so bored during the holidays, so she kept eating. I thought people only ate when they were hungry. Obviously not. Gradually, as I had more control over my life I realised how easy it was to eat what I want, whenever I want to.

Sounds pretty easy to eat only when you’re hungry right?

  • How many of you eat morning tea at work because it’s there and everyone else is?
  • Who eats ice cream at the restaurant after the biggest dinner ever?
  • Who eats chocolate because there’s some in the house?

You can still eat what you want. Just space it out. And those of us who like to eat more (e.g. me and my addiction to chocolate), we just have to find ways to exercise more. That ain’t too hard is it?

Remember – make sure your ouptut (exercise) is greater than your input (food).

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