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Exciting news!

June 24, 2009

Ask the pharmacist by Pharmacist Millie has just added some exciting new features!

  • Awesome email address for any queries
  • Extra awesome chat (that’s when I’m online)
  • If these aren’t to your taste, please leave a super awesome comment

It’s all free free free!

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Customer service – the good, the bad and the ugly

June 23, 2009

I work in a pharmacy.

I love it

I hate it

You love customers

You hate customers (these are the ones who are rude)

The Good – The babies!! They are oh so cute! And the really thankful customers who are glad of our assistance.

The Bad – Why are people rude?! Put on a smile. It makes the people who are serving you treat you much nicer.¬†We go through four years of training, plus ongoing every year. Our pharmacy assistants get trained all the time. We do our best to serve you guys to the greatest of our ability. We have a smile on our face all the time. Why can’t all customers smile too?

The Ugly – Please smokers, take a note, but if you want to have a private conversation with us, suck a mint first. I know smoking is an addiction, but being unhygienic is not.

I’m not saying we are perfect little angels, but we try! All I wish is that customers would try also.

Is there any way that would make our customers more happy with us?

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