How to cure dry, chapped lips

June 24, 2009

With a whole range of lip products out there which ones are you meant to choose?

Most moisturising Lucas Papaw Ointment. It is thicker than the average lipbalm and lasts the longest. The smallest tube it comes in isn’t pocket-sized so that’s one for the handbag.

Best tasting Blistex Intensive Repair. It’s almost like a fruit tingles flavour – quite yummy and is very hydrating. My boyfriend likes this one the most because it moisturises well, protects the lips from the sun and can fit in his pocket.

Cheapest Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. This is the one I save for before bed to keep my lips hydrated through the night. I have to wear plates for my teeth, which can make my lips dry but the vaseline definitely does the job.

Stay away from

  • Nivea lip balms. The lips dried out very easily, leaving a dry residue which made your lips feel even more dry than before.
  • Blistex Ultra Lip Balm. Although the lip balm worked, it left the most foul taste in your mouth. I made my boyfriend throw this away because it was so hard kissing him!
  • Weaning yourself off lip balms. I heard of this method and being curious I tried it, but it just left my lips all chapped and dry.

How do you treat your dry lips?

My favorites

My favourites

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Customer service – the good, the bad and the ugly

June 23, 2009

I work in a pharmacy.

I love it

I hate it

You love customers

You hate customers (these are the ones who are rude)

The Good – The babies!! They are oh so cute! And the really thankful customers who are glad of our assistance.

The Bad – Why are people rude?! Put on a smile. It makes the people who are serving you treat you much nicer. We go through four years of training, plus ongoing every year. Our pharmacy assistants get trained all the time. We do our best to serve you guys to the greatest of our ability. We have a smile on our face all the time. Why can’t all customers smile too?

The Ugly – Please smokers, take a note, but if you want to have a private conversation with us, suck a mint first. I know smoking is an addiction, but being unhygienic is not.

I’m not saying we are perfect little angels, but we try! All I wish is that customers would try also.

Is there any way that would make our customers more happy with us?

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Walking to work

June 22, 2009

I’ve decided to take my own advice and walk to work. I’m walking each Monday. The truth is, I had planned at the start of the year to walk to work everyday. Obviously that didn’t work, so I’m trying to take baby steps now.

It felt good today. Ok, so it really wasn’t a choice since the car had broken down, but the glorious sun was shining, and with my coat, scarf and gloves I was raring to go. The fresh air, saving petrol, good exercise (since I was running late as per usual and having to walk extra fast). Not to mention the cracked pavement, my cold nose but who can win eh?

All in all I’d have to give it 4 out of 5 stars. I really need to learn how to walk quicker. Or get more organised. I need help with that. I’m going to try a few things and let you guys know!

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June 21, 2009

AKA the beep test, the 20m shuttle run, the multi-stage fitness test…That’s punishment for us all. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a run between 20metres back and forth in accordance to a beep that is timed. Who knew you could get the beep test on the iphone? That beep gets faster gradually as the levels increase. Last week at netball training I got up to level 10, which apparently isn’t too bad considering this annoying ankle of mine.

Anyway, I am challenging my boy to a round. Obviously, because he is the fitter, he totally has the advantage. I’ll let you know how we go though. Why don’t you try it yourself and let me know how you go.

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Do personal trainers work?

June 20, 2009

I’m now training with my boy as he has taken on the role of my personal trainer. Probably because he’s a lot stronger than me and can push me further.

I see potential for problems though – he might feel sorry for me for all the pain I’m in. Yeah right!

Push-ups, sit-ups, chair dips, planks are what we have tried so far. Any more suggestions?

So far, I can only do girly push-ups – you know the ones on your knees…yeah embarrassing eh? Well I have to start somewhere! The day I can do proper push-ups I’m gonna let you guys know and it’ll be a celebration for all!

Remember to keep warming up and cooling down people. Water is a friend for all!

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Hug it out!

June 19, 2009

Happy tip of the day! Give someone you love a really great big hug.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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How to maintain a healthy weight

June 18, 2009

Eat only when you’re hungry – it stops you from overeating. It is a simple tip in how to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

I grew up like this. We didn’t snack at home. When I was in high school, one girl was saying she was so bored during the holidays, so she kept eating. I thought people only ate when they were hungry. Obviously not. Gradually, as I had more control over my life I realised how easy it was to eat what I want, whenever I want to.

Sounds pretty easy to eat only when you’re hungry right?

  • How many of you eat morning tea at work because it’s there and everyone else is?
  • Who eats ice cream at the restaurant after the biggest dinner ever?
  • Who eats chocolate because there’s some in the house?

You can still eat what you want. Just space it out. And those of us who like to eat more (e.g. me and my addiction to chocolate), we just have to find ways to exercise more. That ain’t too hard is it?

Remember – make sure your ouptut (exercise) is greater than your input (food).

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How to cure a blocked nose

June 17, 2009

I did it! I cured that annoying blocked nose. Story is: the long drive back from my boy’s house and it was driving me nuts.

What usually works for me is a shower. The steam does a great job to clear the blocked nose (easy for picking…). Salespeople who are trying to sell you eucalyptus oil to use with the steam inhalations are just after your money – it smells good but does nothing else! (It really is a good cleaning agent though.)

Well, the steam didn’t work, so I decided to try a nasal spray (first guinea pig was my boy a month ago). It feels funny in the nose to use those nasal sprays (not going by brand here but anything containing oxymetazoline). Plus going to the beach on a cold winter’s night ain’t gonna help but taking photos sure is fun.

Oh, and the spray did work so give it a go. Remember to read the instructions!

Go to for even better advice on how to cure a blocked nose!

Be happy!

June 17, 2009

I say the key to a perfect life is to be happy. We should focus on things in life that make us happy. Here are 5 things that make me super happy:

  1. Spending time with the people I love – It makes me so relaxed. It makes me laugh, cry (maybe not), but you get the point, it’s fun.
  2. Play netball – So you may have guessed I play netball. And I like it. A lot. Love it. Whatever you want to call it. So that’s why I play. You should play too if you don’t have bad ankles 🙂
  3. Go on holiday – This may not be possible for the lot of us who work 9 to 5 jobs. But in the future when my baby and I have our own business we’ll be spending more time on holidays. Sorry to make you all jealous 😛 In the meanwhile, we take our little trips down the coast. Splurge!
  4. Help people – Doesn’t it give you a good feeling to help? That little tingle in your heart – ok I’m getting a bit cliche. Help your mum wash the dishes, help your baby print his photos, help your little brother with his breakdancing (coming soon…)
  5. Eat! – I love steak. Not everyday. I would if I could but it gets a bit much. Enjoy your food people.

Tell me, what makes you happy?

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Help me write

June 16, 2009

As a new blog writer I would really like to hear what people would like me to write about?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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