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This website has moved

July 28, 2009

Hi all,

Due to the popularity of this website we have upgraded and moved to a new web domain. You can find it at:

Thanks for visiting, we hope you will enjoy the new site just as much!


Pick a chair

July 2, 2009

My boy has back pains, and the physio has recommended that a desk chair is a high priority. It helps with posture. It’s important to choose the best chair you can possibly find (of what you can afford of course), because you are going to be using this chair for a very long time (unless some of us are serial chair buyers).

After shopping around at many different outlets, we came to the conclusion that there a 4 major points for choosing the best office chair.

1. It has to look good – there’s no point in getting the fluoro green pattern that fits in so well with your decor.

2. Price – it is true that the more you pay the more you get. We found there were 3 different types of chairs

  • The ultra-cheap chair with only a gas-lift device to change height (that was fun to play around with!)
  • The mid-range chair allowing both height change and lumbar support change
  • The ultra-expensive chair – complete with extra padding as well as all the features mentioned above

3. Comfortable butt cushioning – if you are on your bottom end all day this is something you’ll need to consider

4. Lumbar support – excellent lumbar support helps to better your posture

We settled for a plain black chair. Boring yes, but you can do many other things to your room to spice it up. We decided to try the mid-range chair. Let’s see how that one goes. It has good cushioning and adjustable lumbar support – just what were looking for!

$150 spent later and we are still a happy couple 🙂

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Helping with whiplash

June 26, 2009

After your little car prangs, you feel fine. Besides feeling shocked, you don’t feel any pain. Wake up the next day, and man your neck is sore (I definitely know this from experience). Whiplash has set in.

See your doctor to make sure everything is A-OK first.

  • Take an anti-inflammatory – A great piece of advice I got from the doctor was to take an anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. ibuprofen) soon after the accident. It works to reduce inflammation and reduce muscle spasms caused from the stress on the body due to the force of the car accident.
  • Cold packs – You can apply to the area for 10 minutes and off for another 10 to help decrease pain and swelling.

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Tips for driving a car with good posture

June 25, 2009

Get rid of your back and shoulder aches! Bad posture whilst driving can lead to back and shoulder aches, which can be quite problematic for those of us who travel long distances and those of us who already suffer from pains.

Some Tips:

Rearview mirror

  • Adjust your rearview mirror a bit higher than you have it now. This makes you sit up straighter because you often need to look at that mirror. Sitting up straighter = better posture = less pain!

Lumbar support

  • Adjust your lumbar support all the way up. If this doesn’t suffice, you don’t need to spend big money for a commercialised lumbar support. A rolled up towel will do. Place this against the chair behind your lower back. Both this and the chair’s own lumbar support (if your car is fancy enough to have one) helps alleviate the pressure put on your back.

Get closer to the steering wheel

  • Move your chair in a bit closer to the steering wheel. Now you don’t have to slouch to reach the pedals. Ta da!

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May 23, 2009

Going on from my previous post, this is what RICER is. For any soft tissue injury, that’s your sprains/strains, anything that hurts. Thought it would help, cos it helps me:)

Rest – stop what you’re doing. Don’t run anymore – sit.

Ice – get someone else to get you some ice. Put your compress on, elevate and apply that ice for 20 minutes. Then it’s 10 minutes off, 10 minutes on for the next 2 days (yeah that’s right).

Compress – compression bandage, tubigrip, anything of the likes to stop the swelling.

Elevate – this is above your heart level. Like, not 1 cm off the ground (that’s 0.39 inches to you US people)

Refer – if it ain’t getting better, it ain’t gonna get better with your own expertise (apologies to you doctors out there). Go to your doctor/physio – that’s what they’re there for.

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So I sprained my ankle…

May 22, 2009

Well yay for me – I have taken time off work. For a holiday you say? Nope.

I am now an invalid (a term currently used by my boyfriend for me).

So I was doing my bit for my health, exercising and all when this happened.

Steps to recovery: RICER

  • TAKE OFF THE SHOE. Seriously, whoever thinks a shoe is good compression needs to reconsider, because what we want to do is
  • ICE ICE ICE – it feels good!
  • and you know the rest, you need to rest.

Take a leaflet from my book – you want to rest… not just take one day off work and go back, have a sore ankle and not play netball again.

Another word of advice: Try not to be so unco whilst playing sport.

Cheers everyone!

P.S. This is my first ever blog. Feel free to rant, rave or what not. I definitely need the feedback 🙂

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