How to maintain a healthy weight

Eat only when you’re hungry – it stops you from overeating. It is a simple tip in how to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

I grew up like this. We didn’t snack at home. When I was in high school, one girl was saying she was so bored during the holidays, so she kept eating. I thought people only ate when they were hungry. Obviously not. Gradually, as I had more control over my life I realised how easy it was to eat what I want, whenever I want to.

Sounds pretty easy to eat only when you’re hungry right?

  • How many of you eat morning tea at work because it’s there and everyone else is?
  • Who eats ice cream at the restaurant after the biggest dinner ever?
  • Who eats chocolate because there’s some in the house?

You can still eat what you want. Just space it out. And those of us who like to eat more (e.g. me and my addiction to chocolate), we just have to find ways to exercise more. That ain’t too hard is it?

Remember – make sure your ouptut (exercise) is greater than your input (food).

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