How to cure a blocked nose

I did it! I cured that annoying blocked nose. Story is: the long drive back from my boy’s house and it was driving me nuts.

What usually works for me is a shower. The steam does a great job to clear the blocked nose (easy for picking…). Salespeople who are trying to sell you eucalyptus oil to use with the steam inhalations are just after your money – it smells good but does nothing else! (It really is a good cleaning agent though.)

Well, the steam didn’t work, so I decided to try a nasal spray (first guinea pig was my boy a month ago). It feels funny in the nose to use those nasal sprays (not going by brand here but anything containing oxymetazoline). Plus going to the beach on a cold winter’s night ain’t gonna help but taking photos sure is fun.

Oh, and the spray did work so give it a go. Remember to read the instructions!

Go to for even better advice on how to cure a blocked nose!


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2 Responses to “How to cure a blocked nose”

  1. Flick Says:

    I’ve recently been to my local pharmacy and tried the Chemist brand nasal spray. It worked really well, only five minutes later and my nose was cleared. After checking the bottle it does have oxymetazoline. I normally use another product called Fess, this one you can use more often as it’s just a saline solution. However I don’t feel it works as good.

    • Pharmacist Millie Says:

      I think Fess is quite good, but yeah it’s only a salty water solution, so it generally doesn’t work quite as well as the oxymetazoline. I usually don’t use the nasal sprays until I really need them because it feels slightly uncomfortable for me. The advantage of Fess is that you can use it any time, while the oxymetazoline you do need a break after a few days. I’m glad you agree with my post Flick!

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