Be happy!

I say the key to a perfect life is to be happy. We should focus on things in life that make us happy. Here are 5 things that make me super happy:

  1. Spending time with the people I love – It makes me so relaxed. It makes me laugh, cry (maybe not), but you get the point, it’s fun.
  2. Play netball – So you may have guessed I play netball. And I like it. A lot. Love it. Whatever you want to call it. So that’s why I play. You should play too if you don’t have bad ankles 🙂
  3. Go on holiday – This may not be possible for the lot of us who work 9 to 5 jobs. But in the future when my baby and I have our own business we’ll be spending more time on holidays. Sorry to make you all jealous 😛 In the meanwhile, we take our little trips down the coast. Splurge!
  4. Help people – Doesn’t it give you a good feeling to help? That little tingle in your heart – ok I’m getting a bit cliche. Help your mum wash the dishes, help your baby print his photos, help your little brother with his breakdancing (coming soon…)
  5. Eat! – I love steak. Not everyday. I would if I could but it gets a bit much. Enjoy your food people.

Tell me, what makes you happy?

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