Generics vs. Brands

Ok, so I said I wasn’t going to be biased, but me and frugality are on the same side.

We have to save money. The government needs to save money. Who doesn’t save money for us? Companies who overprice their medications – that is the original brand company.

Some people may not agree, but it is proven!! Legally proven through clinical trials. It ain’t like your home brand supermarket variety.

  • Generics are the same
  • They have the same active ingredient
  • The give the same effect

I hope I’ve changed at least 1 person’s mind here. The government wants to use generics so that our health system is more sustainable – since we spend less money on drugs, we can spend more in other areas.

Keep in mind though, I’m not having a go at those of you who can’t change brands. There are ingredients (fillers) which may change from brand to brand, most of us this will not affect, having no allergies and all.

So really – THE SAME!

Prove me wrong people.

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