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Need help with hangovers?

June 29, 2009

Yeah, those hangovers are bad. So bad you don’t think you’ll ever drink again right?

Ooo, bad reflux – quick! Get some liquid antacids! (e.g. Mylanta or Gaviscon). Tablets take longer to work because they have to dissolve first. That liquid stuff will work fast and the yucky heartburny feeling will reside soon.

Dehydration – your throat and mouth feels dry. It’s because alcohol is a diuretic – in other words it makes the body lose water (do you remember how many times you went to the toilet that night?). Rehydration salts are a great fix here – they have the right combination of electrolytes, and together with water, will help to get your body rehydrated again.

Pounding headache? – some painkillers may help here.

I guess the best tip is not to have a big night out and drink too much. But for people who do have one, hope this helps! Keep healthy and happy everyone!

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Safe alcohol levels

June 28, 2009

No alcohol = safe alcohol levels, but some of us do like a drink every now and then.

For both males and females TWO standard drinks (or less) per day is the current guideline . This is not an average over a week. For example, if you have zero drinks during the week and then 14 drinks on a Saturday night, this is NOT considered safe drinking.

The standard drink in America is 0.6 ounces of ethanol.

The standard drink in Australia is 10 grams of ethanol.

Now this is just a guide. Some people are more affected by alcohol than others, so look after yourself. Hangovers don’t feel good. And living a happy, healthy life feels heaps better. Plus you save money if you drink less!

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Preventing cancer

June 27, 2009

Our TOP FOUR cancers killers are lung, bowel, prostate cancer and breast cancer for males and females respectively

The top two tips for reducing your chances of getting cancer

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Drink alcohol at safe levels (or none at all is even better)

ALL these cancers have screening procedures for prevention.

Do yourself a favour and don’t leave it to chance. Get a check-up. Re-style your life.

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Helping with whiplash

June 26, 2009

After your little car prangs, you feel fine. Besides feeling shocked, you don’t feel any pain. Wake up the next day, and man your neck is sore (I definitely know this from experience). Whiplash has set in.

See your doctor to make sure everything is A-OK first.

  • Take an anti-inflammatory – A great piece of advice I got from the doctor was to take an anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. ibuprofen) soon after the accident. It works to reduce inflammation and reduce muscle spasms caused from the stress on the body due to the force of the car accident.
  • Cold packs – You can apply to the area for 10 minutes and off for another 10 to help decrease pain and swelling.

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Tips for driving a car with good posture

June 25, 2009

Get rid of your back and shoulder aches! Bad posture whilst driving can lead to back and shoulder aches, which can be quite problematic for those of us who travel long distances and those of us who already suffer from pains.

Some Tips:

Rearview mirror

  • Adjust your rearview mirror a bit higher than you have it now. This makes you sit up straighter because you often need to look at that mirror. Sitting up straighter = better posture = less pain!

Lumbar support

  • Adjust your lumbar support all the way up. If this doesn’t suffice, you don’t need to spend big money for a commercialised lumbar support. A rolled up towel will do. Place this against the chair behind your lower back. Both this and the chair’s own lumbar support (if your car is fancy enough to have one) helps alleviate the pressure put on your back.

Get closer to the steering wheel

  • Move your chair in a bit closer to the steering wheel. Now you don’t have to slouch to reach the pedals. Ta da!

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Exciting news!

June 24, 2009

Ask the pharmacist by Pharmacist Millie has just added some exciting new features!

  • Awesome email address for any queries
  • Extra awesome chat (that’s when I’m online)
  • If these aren’t to your taste, please leave a super awesome comment

It’s all free free free!

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How to cure dry, chapped lips

June 24, 2009

With a whole range of lip products out there which ones are you meant to choose?

Most moisturising Lucas Papaw Ointment. It is thicker than the average lipbalm and lasts the longest. The smallest tube it comes in isn’t pocket-sized so that’s one for the handbag.

Best tasting Blistex Intensive Repair. It’s almost like a fruit tingles flavour – quite yummy and is very hydrating. My boyfriend likes this one the most because it moisturises well, protects the lips from the sun and can fit in his pocket.

Cheapest Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. This is the one I save for before bed to keep my lips hydrated through the night. I have to wear plates for my teeth, which can make my lips dry but the vaseline definitely does the job.

Stay away from

  • Nivea lip balms. The lips dried out very easily, leaving a dry residue which made your lips feel even more dry than before.
  • Blistex Ultra Lip Balm. Although the lip balm worked, it left the most foul taste in your mouth. I made my boyfriend throw this away because it was so hard kissing him!
  • Weaning yourself off lip balms. I heard of this method and being curious I tried it, but it just left my lips all chapped and dry.

How do you treat your dry lips?

My favorites

My favourites

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Customer service – the good, the bad and the ugly

June 23, 2009

I work in a pharmacy.

I love it

I hate it

You love customers

You hate customers (these are the ones who are rude)

The Good – The babies!! They are oh so cute! And the really thankful customers who are glad of our assistance.

The Bad – Why are people rude?! Put on a smile. It makes the people who are serving you treat you much nicer. We go through four years of training, plus ongoing every year. Our pharmacy assistants get trained all the time. We do our best to serve you guys to the greatest of our ability. We have a smile on our face all the time. Why can’t all customers smile too?

The Ugly – Please smokers, take a note, but if you want to have a private conversation with us, suck a mint first. I know smoking is an addiction, but being unhygienic is not.

I’m not saying we are perfect little angels, but we try! All I wish is that customers would try also.

Is there any way that would make our customers more happy with us?

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Walking to work

June 22, 2009

I’ve decided to take my own advice and walk to work. I’m walking each Monday. The truth is, I had planned at the start of the year to walk to work everyday. Obviously that didn’t work, so I’m trying to take baby steps now.

It felt good today. Ok, so it really wasn’t a choice since the car had broken down, but the glorious sun was shining, and with my coat, scarf and gloves I was raring to go. The fresh air, saving petrol, good exercise (since I was running late as per usual and having to walk extra fast). Not to mention the cracked pavement, my cold nose but who can win eh?

All in all I’d have to give it 4 out of 5 stars. I really need to learn how to walk quicker. Or get more organised. I need help with that. I’m going to try a few things and let you guys know!

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June 21, 2009

AKA the beep test, the 20m shuttle run, the multi-stage fitness test…That’s punishment for us all. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a run between 20metres back and forth in accordance to a beep that is timed. Who knew you could get the beep test on the iphone? That beep gets faster gradually as the levels increase. Last week at netball training I got up to level 10, which apparently isn’t too bad considering this annoying ankle of mine.

Anyway, I am challenging my boy to a round. Obviously, because he is the fitter, he totally has the advantage. I’ll let you know how we go though. Why don’t you try it yourself and let me know how you go.

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