Popularity contest

my favourite bandage

My favourite bandage

Ok I’m just telling you I’m not sponsored by anybody. This is just my own honest opinion. Believe it or not.

So I became a pharmacist, not knowing 99% of things sold in pharmacy, and to say the least, I was skeptical that they even worked. So, with consent from my boyfriend, he has agreed to become my guinea pig, with participation from me also.

This week’s most popular:

  • Wheat bags – These are great for chronic injuries. My boy had one and now I have one too. They feel great to relax the muscles. They loosen the muscles before a nice relaxing massage (if anyone is willing to offer)
  • Tubigrip – For my ankle (yes it still hurts); I didn’t even know of this stuff. I was so sick of those roll up bandages having to take it off before a shower and redoing it. I had to roll it up every time because the thing is quite long and is frustrating! Go tubigrip! Physio I would give you a high five if you would let me. Hehe.

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