Going on from my previous post, this is what RICER is. For any soft tissue injury, that’s your sprains/strains, anything that hurts. Thought it would help, cos it helps me:)

Rest – stop what you’re doing. Don’t run anymore – sit.

Ice – get someone else to get you some ice. Put your compress on, elevate and apply that ice for 20 minutes. Then it’s 10 minutes off, 10 minutes on for the next 2 days (yeah that’s right).

Compress – compression bandage, tubigrip, anything of the likes to stop the swelling.

Elevate – this is above your heart level. Like, not 1 cm off the ground (that’s 0.39 inches to you US people)

Refer – if it ain’t getting better, it ain’t gonna get better with your own expertise (apologies to you doctors out there). Go to your doctor/physio – that’s what they’re there for.

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