So I sprained my ankle…

Well yay for me – I have taken time off work. For a holiday you say? Nope.

I am now an invalid (a term currently used by my boyfriend for me).

So I was doing my bit for my health, exercising and all when this happened.

Steps to recovery: RICER

  • TAKE OFF THE SHOE. Seriously, whoever thinks a shoe is good compression needs to reconsider, because what we want to do is
  • ICE ICE ICE – it feels good!
  • and you know the rest, you need to rest.

Take a leaflet from my book – you want to rest… not just take one day off work and go back, have a sore ankle and not play netball again.

Another word of advice: Try not to be so unco whilst playing sport.

Cheers everyone!

P.S. This is my first ever blog. Feel free to rant, rave or what not. I definitely need the feedback 🙂

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