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Popularity contest

May 28, 2009
my favourite bandage

My favourite bandage

Ok I’m just telling you I’m not sponsored by anybody. This is just my own honest opinion. Believe it or not.

So I became a pharmacist, not knowing 99% of things sold in pharmacy, and to say the least, I was skeptical that they even worked. So, with consent from my boyfriend, he has agreed to become my guinea pig, with participation from me also.

This week’s most popular:

  • Wheat bags – These are great for chronic injuries. My boy had one and now I have one too. They feel great to relax the muscles. They loosen the muscles before a nice relaxing massage (if anyone is willing to offer)
  • Tubigrip – For my ankle (yes it still hurts); I didn’t even know of this stuff. I was so sick of those roll up bandages having to take it off before a shower and redoing it. I had to roll it up every time because the thing is quite long and is frustrating! Go tubigrip! Physio I would give you a high five if you would let me. Hehe.

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May 23, 2009

Going on from my previous post, this is what RICER is. For any soft tissue injury, that’s your sprains/strains, anything that hurts. Thought it would help, cos it helps me:)

Rest – stop what you’re doing. Don’t run anymore – sit.

Ice – get someone else to get you some ice. Put your compress on, elevate and apply that ice for 20 minutes. Then it’s 10 minutes off, 10 minutes on for the next 2 days (yeah that’s right).

Compress – compression bandage, tubigrip, anything of the likes to stop the swelling.

Elevate – this is above your heart level. Like, not 1 cm off the ground (that’s 0.39 inches to you US people)

Refer – if it ain’t getting better, it ain’t gonna get better with your own expertise (apologies to you doctors out there). Go to your doctor/physio – that’s what they’re there for.

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So I sprained my ankle…

May 22, 2009

Well yay for me – I have taken time off work. For a holiday you say? Nope.

I am now an invalid (a term currently used by my boyfriend for me).

So I was doing my bit for my health, exercising and all when this happened.

Steps to recovery: RICER

  • TAKE OFF THE SHOE. Seriously, whoever thinks a shoe is good compression needs to reconsider, because what we want to do is
  • ICE ICE ICE – it feels good!
  • and you know the rest, you need to rest.

Take a leaflet from my book – you want to rest… not just take one day off work and go back, have a sore ankle and not play netball again.

Another word of advice: Try not to be so unco whilst playing sport.

Cheers everyone!

P.S. This is my first ever blog. Feel free to rant, rave or what not. I definitely need the feedback 🙂

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